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Such a great post Geraint.

As the author of a number of mystery performance books, I doubt that any author ever realises any commensurate reward either. Sadly I think that the innaccurate review that you corrected so well is a sad endictment of how the public magic industry is going. The internal industry of true creators, consultants, performers and authors understand how the industry works - and share (in the main) their experiences and creations moreso for the betterment of the craft, but the commercialism has gone so far that it makes an item fair game for anyone.

I can categorically state that the time and effort put into the research and development, years of performance, then honing multiple pieces physically and written, and then design and publishing never yields huge financial rewards - but the feedback and relationships built upon it is what makes our industry tick. Some of those making innaccurate comments need to understand that once you enter this industry you either become a jester or a shaman .... Those who understand will get this.

Keep up the great work.

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